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The brand name USHA, which is a well known brand in Sri Lanka for decades and decades, is in a journey of success building the trust and affection in their customers’ mind. The brand “USHA” will recall at swift, machines which are essential in day to day life, like fans and sewing machines. The brand USHA comes along whenever a sewing machine is commit to memory is purely because the quality and durability that had won the hearts of the people for generations.

USHA brand name was recognized by Sri Lankans for more than 70 years ago. This extensive brand has continued their superiority by introducing a wide range of electrical equipment accommodating to every needs of day to day household requirements. For the ease of many housewives, variety of USHA products is sold world-wide. Gas cookers, desert coolers, mixer grinders, irons, etc are very few of their widespread product categories. It is not a secret that USHA brand name has won the trust of their customers by introducing vast category of electrical products to embellish the kitchen certifying the unbeatable quality and durability. Users of USHA brand will experience the features of the modern world as each and every product is made with the most modern and highest technology.

Having such an extended history and a victorious present, USHA brand is distributed by “Nelsons Enterprises” which is a renowned name for electronic and home appliance distributors in Sri Lanka for more than 60 years. “Nelsons Enterprises” is a firstly evoked name among the “beginners” of household electrical equipment distributors in Sri Lanka. Subsidiary company of “Nelsons Enterprises” who is the authorized dealer of the USHA brand; KIR is putting their maximum effort in distributing the electrical equipment island-wide with their strong and competent dealer network in Sri Lanka.

Taking the international brand and the achieved long-lasting trust of “Nelsons Enterprises” to their customers; the strong dealers are appreciated regularly by the collaboration of USHA and Nelsons. That annual appreciation glorious event was held recently at Cinnamon Lake Side hotel Colombo with the amalgamation of more than 250 invitees of their dealers.

The hotel was overflowing with the dealers who executed a tremendous effort in bringing the USHA brand from town to town, door to door to make the Sri Lankans enjoy the super quality of the brand. Headed by Mr. Dinesh Chhabra – the Chief Executive Officer of USHA International Company and Mr. Kapila Rathnasiri – the Chairman of “Nelsons Enterprises” the “USHA Dealer Convention 2016” was filled with dancing, singing and many colorful events. Representing USHA International Company, the Head of USHA Sri Lanka – Mr. K.P. Achuthan and representing KIR Company, Directors -Mr. Rajeev Sooriyaarachchi and Mr. Ivan Perera also joined to this exclusive event.

Provincially, 10 dealers with highest sales achievements, All-Island 1st place in selling the USHA Sewing machine, 1st place in selling USHA household equipments and the 1st place in selling USHA fans was awarded at the event.

“Sha Investments” of Werallagama of Kandy District was awarded as the All-Island 3rd place in selling USHA products. The owner, Mr. Shantha Somarathna received this award. “Sundarsan” shopping mall in the Manipai city of Jaffna District achieved the All-Island 2nd place in selling more and more USHA products and the award was received by the owner, Mr. Sundaram Sivakumaran. “Jaffna Electricals” company in the Jaffna city of Jaffna District was the lucky winner to receive the All-Island 1st place in selling USHA products. The owner Mr. Mahesvaran Muhunthan was awarded as the 1st place in Sri Lankan excellent in selling USHA products.

A special appreciation award was given for a special person who contributed his maximum effort in selling USHA household electrical equipments. That was to the owner of Seetha Holdings with an extensive branch network system – Mr. Lakshman Premachandra. This is the 1st time to give away such an appreciation award in Sri Lanka. Several Sales Coordinators in the KIR sales division was also awarded for their remarkable service in selling USHA products.
People got the chance of observing the latest introductions on variety of Dessert Cooler and Mixer grinder (500W-750W) and the USHA Technix fans with the highest electricity saving (43W) and SLS certificate, at the event. This colorful event with singing and dancing was followed by grand dinner as well. It is no doubt that all the people who lead in USHA products selling, experienced an unforgettable evening on that day.
3rd PlaceSpecial Award


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