Sri Lanka – Vietnam to increase trade upto USD 1 billion


Prime Ministers of Vietnam and Sri Lanka agreed to increase trade between the two countries up to USD 1 billion within the next few years and to enhance the cooperation in public as well as the private sectors of both countries.

The bilateral official discussions between Sri Lankan Prime Minster Ranil wickremsinghe and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc were held this morning (17th April) and both parties also agreed to develop the investments as well as the tourism sectors.

Vietnamese PM while appreciating the Sri Lanka’s economic and social development, believed that the journey towards the reconciliation will be a success.

The discussions were also focused on setting up an intellectual assembly, enhancing the inter-community relations, cultural and youth exchange programs, and strengthening the political relations between the two countries, tourism industry, the importance of closely working to prevent the international criminal activities, protection of the Indian Ocean region, and free transportation of ships.

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