SLMC won’t vote for LG Election amemdment Bill


The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) will not vote for the Local Government Election Amendment Bill if certain anomalies are not rectified, its leader Minister Ruff Hakeem said in Parliament yesterday.

He was made this while participating  in the second reading debate on the Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Bill.

“We need a firm answer from the the Local Government Minister that the anomalies would be corrected in time to come so that we can tell our people that we have voted with the government,” Minister Hakeem said.

“We can’t accept the vague answers. If so we will have to abstain from voting,” he added.

“The Samanthrei Pradeshiya sabha with 40,000 voters was allocated 10 members, and 20 members are elected from Dehiattakandiya, which has similar Population. How can this be?”, he asked.

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