Path to Your Real Success!


The seminar -“Path to Your Real Success” recently organized by PACE Institute at Pannipitiya concluded very successfully and the key objective of the event is to mould youths from an early age by getting them to focus on job-oriented education and training and use their innate talent& strengths to lead a successful life when they grow up. In the main, the seminar discussed on how to build impactful professionals badly required by the job market by going beyond the traditional educational system that offers only the certificates.

What are the professional education path you should take to be successful in your life? Are certificates enough for professional success? What are the professional qualifications and programs which suit the modern world? What are the highly paid professions? How to secure those jobs? How to become impact and talented professionals who’re mostly demanded by the job market? These crucial concerns were discussed at the seminar.

Mr. Sajith de Silva, CEO and Director of PACE Institute explains that employers always expect to recruit active and creative thinking people to fill their vacancies. ‘Another of their critical concerns is whether they are the people who can be employed easily and whether they’re objective-driven’Mr. Silva added.

Mr. Kapila Withange, Director – PACE Institute, elaborated that even while the private sector have many job opportunities, the majority of the young people do not possess the required career competencies even if they’ve had educational qualifications. Therefore, many people have to be interviewed to find a right person and after that, the company has to spend a lot of money to get them trained for the job.

“If children are given responsibilities right from their school days, they will get used to taking on the challenges when they’re grown-ups”, observed Mr. Nalin Attygalle, a senior Marketing &Management consultant during the seminar.

It was also discussed at the seminar that the young generation would become the victims of the current competitive education system which offers only the certificates; the education certificates are commonplace that almost everybody has one or a few of them.

“Therefore, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should cultivate positive attitudes and career competencies”, emphasized Mr. Lakmal Ratnayake, lecturer at PACE Institute.

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