PACE Institute – Pannipitiya leads the way to building successful professionals


PACE Institute, Pannipitiya, a leading professional & higher education provider, has introduced a range of new courses, which are specially designed for OL and AL students, who have completed their examinations. These courses are launched to enable young folks to adopt the right career pathway in line with and be successful professionals in the future.

The new courses on offer are mostly from the field of IT.

Certificate in Linux is a highly effective foundation course in Linux, an Open Source operating system which is also major IT discipline offering lucrative career opportunities both in Sri Lanka and overseas. Due to the rapid growth of Linux usage specially among the top corporations such as Fortune 500 companies, the demand for qualified Linux professionals worldwide keeps steadily rising. Thus, those who start now with ‘Certificate in Linux’ will be in a strong position to build great careers in Linux within a very short period of time.

Certificate in Digital Marketing is the ideal foundation for embarking on a rewarding career in Digital Marketing. Just as all life is impossible without water, so no business today can possibly grow without digital marketing, considering the fact that the world is becoming increasingly digitized.As a result, there’s an abundance of fabulous career opportunities in digital marketing which offer great prospects in advancement. The next stages of qualification are Postgraduate Diploma and MastersinDigital Marketing, which are offered by DigitalMarketing Institute, Ireland.

IT & Soft Skills Course has been designed to equip students with the vital IT & Soft Skills that will complement their qualifications and develop them into impactful professionals who also stand out from the crowd. In fact, it’s a widely known fact that a person who possesses qualifications along with career competencies and growth mindset has an easy climb up the career and employers hire them right away without blinking. So, this is too good to be missed by anyone who really wants to build a successful career.

MS Office Course provides students with the essential MS Office skills including MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Power Point skills. Since there’s practically no career that you can handle without sufficient literacy in MS Office Applications, this is a must for you regardless of your area of interest. A bonus is that it prepares students for following ICDL (International Computer Driving License) and Cetiport Examinations which are internationally recognized.
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Certified Professional in Web Development (CPWD) is a most practical & career-oriented course in Web Development, a major career domain in the ITfield which offering rewarding career opportunities. Over the advancements in the IT sector, Web Development is a fast growing industry where the CPWD-qualified Web Developers can do a brilliant job and achieve tremendous professional & personal growth.

Computerized Accounting Course is an extremely important course for thosewho are working in accounting and audit fields and who’re using accounting software packages in their companies and also those who’re studying A/L in Commerce stream.In fact, Computerized Accounting is as vital as oxygen, because building a successful accounting career today is impossible without gaining proficiency in most widely used Accounting Software packages which this course covers.

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