November and December this year may be an election period – Amaraweera


Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development and Mahaweli Development State Minister Mahinda Amaraweera stated that November and December this year may be an election period.

“We may have to travel throughout the country to engage in the election campaigns,”  he added.

He was addressing a meeting held at Sevanapitiya, Welikanda.

Minister Amaraweera said an election was due in the near future and the date would be decided by the Election Commissioner.

“The preferential system would be done away with at the forthcoming election and it would elect a representative for each division or electorate. There would be an election devoid of members of the underworld and drug kingpins,” the Minister said.

“The new system had earned plaudit and criticism. Ultimately, a final decision would be made under the leadership of the President,” the Minister said.

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