JVP to present National Audit Bill as a private member’s bill


JVP MP Sunil Handunetti said that the JVP has decided to present the long overdue National Audit Bill (NAB) to Parliament as a private member’s bill.

“The National Audit Bill is a pre election pledge of the Government that was even included in the 100 day work programme. The Government’s waiting game has delayed the Bill for two and half years. This is a vital piece of legislation to curb public sector corruption. If the Government is dragging its feet, we in the JVP decided to come forward and present it to the House,” he said.

“My private member’s bill will be the same legislation finalized by the Auditor General and approved by the Attorney General,” he added.

“The ‘Yahapalana’ Government says that it wants to nab thieves and arrest corruption. Yet they do not present the already finalized Bill designed to reduce corruption and malpractices within the public sector,” he said.


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