Coalition government was working together to solve country’s issues


Prime Minister Ranil Wickrememsinghe said that the coalition government was working together to solve the country’s prevalent problems, in spite of the difficulties of combining two parties to make joint ventures.

The Premier stated this upon attending a ceremony in Weera Mawatha, Pannipitiya, to commemorate the launch of phase 2 of the ‘Wiyathpura’ proposed housing scheme.

He also stated that actions taken by the Government did not specifically benefit the United National Party (UNP) or the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), and added that the people would vote for politicians based on the actions taken by them now.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe also remarked that the country needed a competitive trading economy to pay off all the debt weighing the nation down, and added that a debt-free economy would be created by 2020.

He proceeded to mention that the health and education sectors must be further improved, and that the Government was taking measures to improve the sectors and provide relief to the public.

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