De Facto State of Emergency?


When the high level delegation of Sri Lanka met the UN Committee against Torture (CAT Committee) last week on the 5th Periodic Review, one of the Committee members raised an important issue. The Member asked whether the dysfunctionality of the ...

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Police Shooting of Two Jaffna University Students in Jaffna: Friday Forum Calls for Reflection on Process of Demilitarisation


The Friday Forum unequivocally condemns the police shooting of the two Jaffna University students, Vijayakumar Sulakshan and Nadarajah Gajan on 21 October 2016. This act of violence by the police in the name of law enforcement is a grim reminder ...

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An ‘ethical state’ and the division of people into upper and lower castes


Gunadasa Amarasekera has recently published a book entitled ‘Sabyathwa Rajyak Kara’ (Towards an Ethical State). At around the same time, I published a book entitled ‘Dharmasokage Dhamma Prathipaththtia saha Prajatanthrawadi watinakama’ (The Policy of Dhamma of Dharmasoka and Democratic Values). ...

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Absence of Remorse as an Obstacle to Reconciliation


People who live through long periods of repression often develop psychological and cultural habits that lead them to pretend not to see or hear what is going on around them in their society. These psychological habits may help people survive ...

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Let Us Abandon This Archaic Ideology


The basic premise of Frank de Silva’s article ‘Proposed change to criminal law – now withdrawn’ which appeared in the Island newspaper recently is summed up in the following paragraph, “The difference is also that the opponents – the HRC ...

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Human Rights – Foreign Policy (+) Internal Policy (-)


After the election of the new government, Sri Lanka’s foreign policy has been to show positive attitudes towards the protection and promotion of human rights. In international forums and in public declarations, it has declared that it accepts the international ...

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Stop Dumping Garbage in Puttalam !

Clean Puttalam

It’s been a serious problem that the garbage from Meethotamulla weighs nearly 800 tons is proposed to be dumped in Arvakkadu, Puttalam which is nearly 170 km far away and probably it takes nearly 3 hours for travelling. In this ...

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Hair Dresser severely tortured for failing to give a haircut to HQI, Hatton


Kadireshan Ravishankar, 34 was severely tortured by the HQI and other officers of the Hatton police station merely for failing to provide a haircut immediately on his order a couple of days ago. The case exposes the dangers of not ...

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Note on brief detention and questioning at the airport – 1st Oct. 2016


Today, 1st Oct. 2016, I came the Bandaranayake international airport in Sri Lanka to travel to London. I was asked by the officer at the immigration counter to get clearance from an office I understood to be an office of ...

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Proposed amendment to the criminal procedure code is a blatant encouragement to torture and degrade suspects


The hasty passing of laws and emergency regulations particularly with the intention of encouraging law enforcement officers to commit acts which amounts to serious crimes is not an unfamiliar practice in Sri Lanka. How Sri Lanka became second in the ...

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