US election 2016: Battlegrounds targeted as polls tighten


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have made renewed attacks on each other’s fitness for office as polls suggest the race for the White House is tightening.

Mrs Clinton – who has seen her national opinion poll lead shrink in recent days – targeted her Republican rival’s temperament and attitude to women.

Mr Trump said she would be followed into the White House by criminal investigations. He has gained ground on Mrs Clinton in some swing states, polls suggest. Thursday’s campaigning included a rare appearance by Mr Trump’s wife Melania.

In her first speech since July’s Republican convention, the former model spoke about being an immigrant and a mother and said her husband would “make America fair”.

She also vowed, in a speech in the Philadelphia suburbs, to lead a campaign against cyber-bullying if she becomes first lady, and to combat a culture that has “gotten too mean and too rough”.

She made no reference to her husband’s record of name-calling on social media.


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